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Precision Crop Water Management

A Decision Support Tool for Managing Crop Water Status

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About US

The Water for Crop - W4Crop - model was developed within the SHui Horizon 2020 project, a multinational European-Israeli-Chinese research endeavor to develop soil and water management solutions to manage water scarcity in European/Middle Eastern and Chinese cropping systems.
The W4Crop model was developed as a cooperation between TerraVision Lab, Israel and the Israeli Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) – Volcani Institute.

Mission Statement

The aim of the W4Crop model is to predict the spatial variability in crop water status by using a user-friendly site-specific tool. Currently, the model focuses on the prediction of Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) of single plants or trees, or on the CWSI of management zones to optimize precision water management. The model is based on advanced machine learning and spatial statistic algorithms to identify the spatial variability in the field to aid in the sustainable management of water resources, to support crop production and secure economic viability.

Our Team

We are a team of scientists and industry entrepreneurs dedicated to develop a state-of-the-art tool to aid the farming community in vital decision-making processes.
TerraVision Lab is a high-tech company with global experience in developing decision support systems for the management of increasingly limited resources, predominantly in water deprived regions.
The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), Volcani Institute is a leading Israeli agricultural research institute which focuses on plant sciences and protection, animal sciences, soil and environmental sciences, food sciences and agricultural engineering.

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